Thanks Mike Martinez. Lao/Sun/Tzu Quote and Commentary-:

12 hours ago, Mike reminded the world of a very sagacious all encompassing life modulo-

This quote, which is from the Tao Te Ching, a series of treaties written in ancient China on life – as a pretty solid procedural philosophy for day to day dealings, and strategy as parable or similar- for various types of scenarios one may encounter in life.

However, what makes it drastically different from most any modern capitalist or ism or ist type of molded thought, or way of thinking – is it both follows and anthropomorphizes observed natural patterns, into the rules and logic used, and applies that to how one may read and decide to live as such.

Which is very common sense, and hard to argue with.

Instead of procedural and transaction type interactive models, (none of which really are very natural), save a conversation- but the way the Tao Te Ching gets its inspiration is very relatable.

The one tricky thing is the specific words used, or the variance in translations you can find. It's a nebulous vague book as it is, but separate culture, custom, tradition, and the perspective of having been written several thousand years away.

The writing apparently is apparently from roughly around 2,500 B.C.E

(if the writing is as many suns away from the multiple authors pens [it was said to be written by multiple writers over a time period], and the present rising and falling of the bright orange in the sky thing,) – is correct, then the writing is pretty old and may take some time to understand or decode, otherwise you will assume they did a LOT of drugs and sat around talking about rocks and trees and water and stuff. Seriously, this is going to be interesting for you, it's a whole different way of thinking about things.

You can score a free online copy here: (later i put a good one here)

Then we can easily understand that when you read this, you are going to have to sit a LONG time with it, and decode. Perspective and stuff.

But probably by reading it, getting confused, closing the book, leaving, opening it several hours days weeks later and trying again.

But! It was worth it, fascinating and really really interesting to read. Helps make a lot of other connections for other things, without getting into that AT ALL.

> Overall, a frame-work for life based on **nature** and not a * hierarchical taxonomy of blind obedience * ..... and her systems feels very well, - GOOD, and * natural * . Surprised? I'm not. How relaxed are you after you've been a few nights sleep and you're camping? > All that other stuff melts away right?

Shouldn't that be your first clue that it's fully irrelevant to your life, then?

HMMM?! (yes, I'm aware right now at this very moment we live in a blended system as long as we live near other people.)

Thanks Mike.

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> “The way of the warrior is precision; To not be wasteful; To be vigilant with forethought, And with this to have foresight.” -Tzu

tao character

Good Stuff.

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