Non Locality: Enmeshment and reAgglomeration, && Seth Books, by Jane Roberts

Are you familiar with the Seth Books? “ ” It's hard to describe a body of work like this, but they're really quite exceptional.

but later down in here,

** enmeshment. * ...* ** aether, non locality and you. ** or how your idea gets to somebody else once you've already had it but don't know them or are anywhere near them or even wrote about it anywhere, and they have your idea, how does this work in plain english version? :) Yeah that.

[ I will have to try and explain a bit about the seth books, i will find mine and make some quotes :)

They are complicated books and I do not want to mess with you by saying otherwise. :–)

seth painting by jane roberts

I sometimes do that while I am inventing or moving through iterations of a thing in my head, as this saves a lot of effort and paper.. and the details fill themselves in from my source of self anyway-

this year I finally decided to de-embrace the continued supposition of any illusion i was fully linear only and am working into an easy presentation style for the self, which amounts to not having to do anything. I just arrive and move about, doing this and that. No pomp, no circumstance, no conditionality.

Bye bye linear semblance. Hello true mode, which is blended everything – reality is not ... eh this is not the post for me to get started on that. :)

But I still am compatible with traditional working styles and project management styles and all that stuff I just prefer to over-archingly-visualize and approach the way I solve the linear problems, in my own methodologies and systems, which are highly extensible, adaptable, and dont really describe well other than that.

** oh, read the seth books, damnit- they're great. **

I still work with goals and milesones, and some level of overlap with others (some meetings) on a calendar, but mostly i just sit at my desk, and do what comes to my fingertips, the text editor stores notes i save by the day and just look at it once in a whie if i need to write an inspration down, but it feels a lot like what seth said, and i read in this book that quote comes from if i recall properly-

a thing is not a thing until you see it in your head fully, then feel it, and shoot out into actions that make the thing begin to take form, or in some cases instantly, just maybe not in front of YOU.

The non locality of an idea is intriguing like that, and most people are fascinated to find out that all analog television broadcasts are bouncing around the atmosphere.

Several times in my life, I have designed an invention to solve a problem I had. I would draw it out on paper, and make a diagram with labels and a few sentences talking about what each thing did, and then flip the paper over and write the problem it solved on the other side in the corner, along the bottom- and estimate just enough margin to write the thing, and terminate in the bottom corner with the last word.

(highly symbolic.)

eventually, each one of these ideas became a product on the open market in short short time (inside of half a year, with regularity.) so I stopped, and just kept them in my head, except for a few things that I really wanted to see out there, like a bottle for single use food and beverage, to replace supermarket containers, and water bottles. I designed a lot of these, and even built prototypes. Now, I see after 14 years, at least 12 companies doing their own version of my design – each a little differently -

but this is how non locality works- if you put the idea out just pefectly, it just has to take perfect form once in one head, and then be dwelled on, and dreamt about by someone with the correct skillset (or they're very passionate, young and just leaking everywhere), but it is possible to be very passionate, biologically old, and if with enough practice, you can bring things into creation like a sorceress or wizard but for good! and with the agility and discipline of your experiential prowess at your behest and command.

— a happy spirit