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12 hours ago, Mike reminded the world of a very sagacious all encompassing life modulo-

This quote, which is from the Tao Te Ching, a series of treaties written in ancient China on life – as a pretty solid procedural philosophy for day to day dealings, and strategy as parable or similar- for various types of scenarios one may encounter in life.

However, what makes it drastically different from most any modern capitalist or ism or ist type of molded thought, or way of thinking – is it both follows and anthropomorphizes observed natural patterns, into the rules and logic used, and applies that to how one may read and decide to live as such.

Which is very common sense, and hard to argue with.

Instead of procedural and transaction type interactive models, (none of which really are very natural), save a conversation- but the way the Tao Te Ching gets its inspiration is very relatable.

The one tricky thing is the specific words used, or the variance in translations you can find. It's a nebulous vague book as it is, but separate culture, custom, tradition, and the perspective of having been written several thousand years away.

The writing apparently is apparently from roughly around 2,500 B.C.E

(if the writing is as many suns away from the multiple authors pens [it was said to be written by multiple writers over a time period], and the present rising and falling of the bright orange in the sky thing,) – is correct, then the writing is pretty old and may take some time to understand or decode, otherwise you will assume they did a LOT of drugs and sat around talking about rocks and trees and water and stuff. Seriously, this is going to be interesting for you, it's a whole different way of thinking about things.

You can score a free online copy here: (later i put a good one here)

Then we can easily understand that when you read this, you are going to have to sit a LONG time with it, and decode. Perspective and stuff.

But probably by reading it, getting confused, closing the book, leaving, opening it several hours days weeks later and trying again.

But! It was worth it, fascinating and really really interesting to read. Helps make a lot of other connections for other things, without getting into that AT ALL.

> Overall, a frame-work for life based on **nature** and not a * hierarchical taxonomy of blind obedience * ..... and her systems feels very well, - GOOD, and * natural * . Surprised? I'm not. How relaxed are you after you've been a few nights sleep and you're camping? > All that other stuff melts away right?

Shouldn't that be your first clue that it's fully irrelevant to your life, then?

HMMM?! (yes, I'm aware right now at this very moment we live in a blended system as long as we live near other people.)

Thanks Mike.

Mikey B. Martinez on Facebook Mike Shared:

> “The way of the warrior is precision; To not be wasteful; To be vigilant with forethought, And with this to have foresight.” -Tzu

tao character

Good Stuff.

— a happy spirit

Okay so I wrote this before dinner and after working 14 hours straight, so it may be a little rambly and saucy, but in the interest of pushing forward and not needing to re-edit casual writing, I'm just pushing it through the gates .

That in mind whatever is below this line I have not read since my brain came back online. Be cautioned or something? But I'm good natured so you may just find typos and stuff, and paragraphs that should be broken up but aren't.

If things get too exciting, and you think I'm going to fall over while you're reading, that's actually both of us – I should have made a new paragraph, or edited and put a period. But it is also your reaction to my lack of what is typically regarded to as the way and length sentences are structured. I believe there is utility in all forms of communication, although not all are appropriate at all times for the “best fit” to nail the intention, but some will work in multiple ways some not at all, ..... and some really really well.

But that's life. keep trying and tinkering at a thing. you only fail when you begin to look for it... think about that. until you define it as failure, you're literally just observing things about your situation at hand that aren't working exactly how you want them to, and all that means is that now,– more than ever- this is your time to do something about that, so it is remedied to your liking, and you have a new situation on your hands- what you actually want instead of that other box of stuff.

While this isn't at all by any even remotely wild semblance, anything remotely complex, or revolutionary, this I believe is where most people are currently stuck, and most will remain stuck, because they are wrapped up in either details, or feeling bad about the whole thing, and having done the same thing over so many times and to not suceed , well we know it is exhausting. But- there are clear alternatives, and they're even easier than playing that game.

But back to Feng Shui, when trying to think or accomplish anything you need to have full use of your head, and feng shui is basically a way to electromagnetically arrange the flow of a space in such a way that it supports in general the rough archetypes of the concepts in each quadrant- based on the meta genera of the placements, the prima materia in the placements, and so on- but there are other more subtle layers of complexity to it as well, but those are not to be mentioned at this moment. Just that feng shui is not unique to the east, and in fact that

it is a metaphor for electromagnetic hygiene, and a flow diagram – the same way the mayan time wheel is a di-electric di-magnetic representation of the same thing, and the same way the rosicrucian cross or the Plus sign, is the same thing- and even more coded of a symbol- unto the same thematic, because really, it is pretty important- + positive and –, every school kid learns this. Not because they plan on teaching you about electricity, but because they have other ideas.

The psychographic installation of a value system is complete, with the lesson in the first grade about n. volta and the pile cell battery. the rest, only gets more complicated as you begin to accumulate “ologies” through the primary grades onward, culiminating with which ology will you align with? and – its going to come at a price! you have to pay to join our club. otherwise, you can serve our food when we go out to eat, the big money is only available to members of the club. We thought that was clear.

** Well fuck, good thing I'm not after the big money then huh?! **

okay so anyway where were we.... oh yeah, this cool chart as a visual aid of the electric thing, which is important. Remember that for other writings in the future about aether flow and aether dynamics and stuff. fancy talk for where electricity is coming from and understanding it and doing nice things with it.

uh, ok so yeah:

an image about feng shui notice the polarity built into the structure and topically into how each pole of n s e or west is arranged and think about electricity and resistance to the different categories on top of eachother, and in proximity to eachother, and then representationally realize the balance is the fulcrum when the various tasks that ispire various types of real world thoughts and things dovetail with eachother in such a way that it does a thing, and a thing is possibly borne of it, when the balance is correct, when it is not, you get drawn either clockwise or counter clockwise through the themes in the feng shui, predictably based on how your space is balanced in ratio and relationship.

if the furniture could chime in, i wonder how it would describe this. quickly, let us find a 10th century chinese stone pillow and query it.

Feng shui electromagnetism

remember what i said about having a big section in here i didnt check for typos before eating? well i got excited while looking for my feng shui diagram and added about 1,400 words. ;) oops! :D does it matter if your having fun?

So, I'm starting a new “thought module” that may appear as a #meta type thing in any one of my brain fart type publications (erm, what? excuse me? – okay so they always tell you in life-

if uncertain, leading with humor in a social situation is a decent idea right?

.. ba dum, ::facepalm:: /me falls off the stage, breaks elbow, etc. I can think of a friend who did this while performing a live show singing in one of his bands, at a concert venue out there in soCalistan where I reside, but more in the “proper valley” like between winetka and west LA, and slicing very very very narrowly like a knife inbetween and missing a few questionable spots.

Okay but that isnt what this is about- and besides- a demographic doesn't make an area, or actually chose it. ** the way a city is designed generally has more influence on what happens there or who moves in or decides to leave and relocate than almost any other factor on human behavior ** at least, according to this woman Jane Jacobs – who went on to write an absolutely brilliant (i thought,) volume which clearly was the result of aconsiderably interminate and beyond prodigal, – untold volume of research- it's a fantastic piece of work, you really ought to read it if you enjoy the study and analysis of human behavior, but this time with a new twist, the layer of complexity that encapsulates and is modulated by the articulation of ones physical space, and the character of which or lacking in an environment- various elements appear to have insane, dramatic effects, like window placement and length of hallways but others not so much.

I'd just check it out, this post is mostly about a snip coming right up as in here we are:

This is the format, I see something clever on facebook that I felt was really intriguing and or fun or playful or magical or a segue into something else, or an exemplary example of human behavior, I want to cast a smiling light on you and boost whatever the heck it is you did that was so damn awesome-

and the idea is I write a bit about it, and post some primary source “usually just the thing that prompted it,” and a link to the post, or the persons profile in question as well- because awesome is awesome and physics and space time and internet particle accelerator (you're using it),

and and and um, uh uh some other physics and chemistry stuff and well um check one of the other blogs, i have a theory and im probably wrong, but it has to do with plasma and aether and stuff.

its floating around the * synthetic-electro-magnetic-reality-generating-re-electrified-re-worked-plasma-condensate-sourced-from-prima-materia-and-now-powering-a-sort-of-engine-if-you-will-running-on-the-condensate-as-in-a-steering-device, * aka the internet, ;) and um, some stuff-

but please extrapolate. again, what's the difference between good science fiction and reality ? statistically, about 80 years. so no, i am not “on some shit,” or “on some black dole project banannas,” but i do a pretty goddamn good job of observing stuff, and playing with patterns.... its kind of what i do.

^ like this is a very much three or six paragraphs condensed into 4 sentences, 2 of which are run ons, and then thoughts so dense each should be several paragraphs at least- > but that is the issue with this kind of writing. so often, you will see me saying things like but we'll have to talk about this another time. and im serious but have no idea when.

so if something fascinates you and chronologically its okay within the larger context of things spoken quietly then sure yes! it can be discussed at more length of a request by a reader or contributor here, or

integrated into a prompt and discussed on

https://the-mind-unchained.club =)

absolutely! or something similar. or just discussed.

and now, the main event that inspired me to ponder briefly spatial dynamics of a room and aetheric discharge as within the context of the resident creator and their makerspace, aka dwelling aka hobbit hole, aka apartment etc, off grid, – duh. so Lori was talking to Jenny, and I just liked the conversation and the general yeah. Okay bye :) It has been a long day, do not hold me accountable for being silly and good natured, you already know thats what I did,

but this is super nice because it is not uh, the same format as facebook, and this is a place for writing, i mean i dont know that all of you caught onto this but the software running this blog is a brilliant thing in development you should check out called write.as. this is also simultaneously cross posed to a community of readers and authors called read.writeas.com , which is insanely cool. you should check it out and consider joining. by you i mean anyone reading this on facebook or via way of Lori's facebook page. the main site is https://write.as


as overheard on facebook:

Jenny Lefebvre i was thinking when i read that how it would translate because organizing thangs and stuffs into new local timespace vorticies is really quite a fun thing, innit   but i think the automagic touch of me or you divinating through all of loris things reading her wishes out of the aether as to where things need to magically fly- with actual verbal input of course too , especially if it is heavy hahah.. but yeah, decorating and organizing both and the associated feng shui or pick a name for the aether dynamics of a room and how it does or doesnt accumulate orgone and the rest of a living space, has a studied, documented, and insane effect on ones health and overall everrything.

apparently i have little disregard for my spelling when I type a comment i thinks too damn quick. so then i use the spell check and i appear to yeah. but sometimes i write very slowly, for myself, or by myself. there is a certain frenetic tick about facebook, and i do very well to temper it, however sometimes a split approach is fun briefly. let its neurochemistry do its thing but do not ascribe any special sauce to it, realizing they just really want your damn eyeballs glued to the website, app and instagram all day and it is about as complex,

  • oh, and they are still trying to correctly internally assign “Wish” a proper market vertical in their quarterly demographic sales and analysis reports, but that can wait, I don't even think the people at wish know where the fuck they're working, or what it actually is intended to convey to the public- in general- as an overall thematic brand concept, other than “this is theweirdest, most offensive thing i've ever seen, and it looks like extra crap from slave labor stuff that was re imagined together while on opiates or something, and trying to stave off a fatal mid life breakdown from being over worked and under appreciated, etc- life sucks a lot often, and its stuff like this im hoping to empower people enough to be strong enough mutually as bundles of sticks that are friends than have to suffer a shitty incorrigable job and die early because nobody realized in actions and words that we really do all collectively already have, as a BASIS- more than enough, and from there- the rest figures itself out as we begin working out new ways of doing things better together instead of apart.

I came to change the world, but my whole life ive been scared of it, you know damn well why. Well, they know high well I'm not against them, and I'm not even interested. I do have a healthy and insane respect for the level of organization and implementation they're capable of, it's beyond insane in how tactically accurate it is, but then again- whatever, thats not the point either. I'm not for or against most anything, that is not an endorsement above, to be clear of the big white box in wa wa wa by the potomac river. but it is a clear acknowledgement and hat tip to how goddamn intelligent their operation is, and to be clear- what i mean is i'm not trying to start a cult, there is nothing to worry about. LOL

I am starting a meta network, that embodies all manner of principles of design, but one of which is articulate and agile contextually aware and appropriate emotional human expression – and I believe fully this can be a part of the design of a software suite designed to be a website portal and organizational/meta modular system by which you can easily do great many things and connect with a large or small or one person- over specifically tuned and articulated needs- and have the software reason as a human, but not take over, unless you ask it to, and then it can even ask you if it tweaked your news feed properly after a few days, or what have you – but dont even in your worst fears compare this to any current social media algorithm on the internet.

in software terms algorithm just means math that organizes and filters stuff, and then what the results end up being are in general the public does not understand how computer software works. so then, they ascribe almost like when aesop was orating his fables, how things that did not normally speak had life and anima, well like that- but with websites having the ability to filter down search results. see, a critical difference between what i am talking about and what is currently out there is so hard to understand because of this next thing:

what this is that i am working on, is not a first order transformation from one set of data and expectations to find a specific product on amazon for example- this is a multi generational, highly tuned to the user , thing that actually adapts over time NOT by itself, but only by weighting more heavily things the user does more regularly and when the user bookmarks them , and with full transparency as assigned by the user with control over how much weight and the full operator set to the equations used for the algorithm, but in simple plug and play web style boxes like filling out a form, – and then you get YOUR version of what you want the thing to be like.. and then it gets even more complexly personal, because there are things I simply will not speak about publicly, going on here, but I just wanted to whet your mental whistle before you went to sleep, if you are a night owl and in the state of california, i mean the state of creativity,, i mean we're all nuts and fruit out here on the left coast- beware.

but you're probably using a computer designed by us, and a phone designed by a friend of a friend 5 or so degrees apart, that kevin bacon shit is weird man.. !

and so we're nuts out here, yeah okay. you all are kinda weird too with your snow and shit, but we put up with you because we're siamese twins.

kidding, i love everyone seriously,even assholes but i just leave those alone, because they need to ripen, dry out and crack open etc all on their own- i've got people that need my well meaning help, and two ears to take their feedback which is really what fuels this entire thing,

so speak up if you're ever reading along... omar@ideamissing.com or

this is a far fetched, eh does anyone still use irc?

i run a server..


two ports the ol standby 6667 an then we got the ssl start tls port 6697. ive got #chat and #nile and a few others going, but as per irc /list works, there is a full anope suite and memo serv, and well gosh its such a great tool for collaboration. it will be a part of the realized network, you could have guessed that already.

also, i hope matt agrees, but at some point when my idea is more written out, or whenever he organically crosses paths with the stuff i am shooting out all over the place, it will be interesting to see what he feels about write as having a huge role in it, and or if he is indeed doing what i think he's doing ad probably trying to solve a part of or the same set of or the whole quanta and associated undesired qualia (math and circumstance, the character and final output), respectively loosely specifically- and trying to create .. something that will be of use, in a data saturated environment driven by short sighted capitolism and no clear innovation to solve a problem that has been extant since the advent of crossing a boundary where it was even possible to create a full set of data worth of a human brain....and have everyone interact with it... and then fill it up,... and run out of ipv4 numbers.....and move to version 2.0 of the brain, firing it up and wiring it in... well, like i said before, im not against anyone, in fact i think i am solving likely if this gets done properly and by i i mean not i i mean i colloquially how people write when theyre tired adn trying to tell a story out loud,

that kind of “i” because this is collaborative. the “i” is just me the monkey who has an interesting idea and knows it can only be built with the help of a lot of other monkeys, but to just tell the monkeys he talks to that his project is only for the good of all the monkeys and isnt actually even trying to make money specifically, although parts of the project may connect people to opportunities to make money in their local areas either in jobs or skills or trade or barter or etc

which brings me to the whole point of this entry. if you read along you actually like reading or really love what im talking about. this is your thank you and please scroll to the bottom and subscribe by email, and i do want to hear from you, odds are there are things you want to contribute to the project, and they are welcomed with open ears and mind.

http://willyoutrade.me is part of the network,. and so is willtrade.org

barter and trade, skills etc – elective agreements honored and met by discussion and accountability, a site rating , an opportunity to resolve if needed before rating has a star by it, or you know, its all in the air and in written documents and diagrams, feel free to modify this if you have a more efficient way and tell me why dont just say mine is better i will ignore you on purpose even if it is better. just say yo! i got this thing see, and then lay it out.

okay over and out, ive got a film to watch, it has been a very good day, but every day is- its a choice you get to make. and a commitment to yourself.

I'm a strong willed tenacious person that dares to dream ,and is here to listen and help!

Who are you?

thanks! Omar

— a happy spirit

Are you familiar with the Seth Books? “ ” It's hard to describe a body of work like this, but they're really quite exceptional.

but later down in here,

** enmeshment. * ...* ** aether, non locality and you. ** or how your idea gets to somebody else once you've already had it but don't know them or are anywhere near them or even wrote about it anywhere, and they have your idea, how does this work in plain english version? :) Yeah that.

[ I will have to try and explain a bit about the seth books, i will find mine and make some quotes :)

They are complicated books and I do not want to mess with you by saying otherwise. :–)

seth painting by jane roberts

I sometimes do that while I am inventing or moving through iterations of a thing in my head, as this saves a lot of effort and paper.. and the details fill themselves in from my source of self anyway-

this year I finally decided to de-embrace the continued supposition of any illusion i was fully linear only and am working into an easy presentation style for the self, which amounts to not having to do anything. I just arrive and move about, doing this and that. No pomp, no circumstance, no conditionality.

Bye bye linear semblance. Hello true mode, which is blended everything – reality is not ... eh this is not the post for me to get started on that. :)

But I still am compatible with traditional working styles and project management styles and all that stuff I just prefer to over-archingly-visualize and approach the way I solve the linear problems, in my own methodologies and systems, which are highly extensible, adaptable, and dont really describe well other than that.

** oh, read the seth books, damnit- they're great. **

I still work with goals and milesones, and some level of overlap with others (some meetings) on a calendar, but mostly i just sit at my desk, and do what comes to my fingertips, the text editor stores notes i save by the day and just look at it once in a whie if i need to write an inspration down, but it feels a lot like what seth said, and i read in this book that quote comes from if i recall properly-

  • ramble ramble *

a thing is not a thing until you see it in your head fully, then feel it, and shoot out into actions that make the thing begin to take form, or in some cases instantly, just maybe not in front of YOU.

The non locality of an idea is intriguing like that, and most people are fascinated to find out that all analog television broadcasts are bouncing around the atmosphere.

Several times in my life, I have designed an invention to solve a problem I had. I would draw it out on paper, and make a diagram with labels and a few sentences talking about what each thing did, and then flip the paper over and write the problem it solved on the other side in the corner, along the bottom- and estimate just enough margin to write the thing, and terminate in the bottom corner with the last word.

(highly symbolic.)

eventually, each one of these ideas became a product on the open market in short short time (inside of half a year, with regularity.) so I stopped, and just kept them in my head, except for a few things that I really wanted to see out there, like a bottle for single use food and beverage, to replace supermarket containers, and water bottles. I designed a lot of these, and even built prototypes. Now, I see after 14 years, at least 12 companies doing their own version of my design – each a little differently -

but this is how non locality works- if you put the idea out just pefectly, it just has to take perfect form once in one head, and then be dwelled on, and dreamt about by someone with the correct skillset (or they're very passionate, young and just leaking everywhere), but it is possible to be very passionate, biologically old, and if with enough practice, you can bring things into creation like a sorceress or wizard but for good! and with the agility and discipline of your experiential prowess at your behest and command.

— a happy spirit

Right now,

There are Tibetan Buddhist monks in a temple in the Himalayas.. Endlessly reciting mantras for the cessation of your suffering -

and for the flourishing of your happiness. -

Someone you haven't met yet, is already dreaming of adoring you.

Someone is writing a book ... That you will read in the next two years, that will change how you look at life.

Nuns in the Alps are in endless vigil, praying for the Holy Spirit - to alight the hearts of all of God's children.

A farmer is looking at his organic crops and whispering, * “nourish them.” *

Someone wants to kiss you, to hold you, to make tea for you.

Someone is willing to lend you money, wants to know what your favorite food is, and treat you to a movie.

Someone in your orbit.. Has something immensely valuable to give you — for free.

Something is being invented this year – that will change how your generation .. lives, communicates, heals and passes on.

The next great song is being rehearsed.

Thousands of people are in yoga classes right now, intentionally sending light out from their heart chakras - and wrapping it around the earth.

Millions of children are assuming, that everything is amazing- and will always be that way.

Someone is in profound pain, and a few months from now, they'll be thriving like never before.

From where they are, they just can't see it.

Someone who is craving to be partnered, to be acknowledged.. To ** arrive .** ..., – ( will get ) precisely what they want — and even more.

And because that gift... Will be so fantastical in its reach and sweetness, it will quite magically alter ~

Their memory of angsty longing - and render it all, “ * So * worth the wait.”

Someone has recently cracked open their joyous, genuine nature...

Because they did the hard work- of hauling years of oppression off of their psyche —

This luminosity is * pervasive * in the ether, and is accessible to you.

Someone just this second, wished for world peace, in earnest.

Some civil servant is making sure that you get your mail, and your garbage is picked up, that the trains are running on time, and that you are generally safe.

Someone is dedicating their days to protecting your civil liberties and clean drinking water.

Someone is regaining their sanity.

Someone is coming back from the dead.

Someone is genuinely forgiving the seemingly unforgivable.

Someone is curing the incurable.

You. Me. Some. One. Now.

~ Danielle LaPorte

This is an exquisitely expressive piece of prose, and I took the liberty of formatting it from the Facebook Post where I became aware of this author, or should I say re-discovered her work, as I'd heard of, and have read- her- being a poet myself. Given that Facebook butchers content, I re-formatted it, how I imagined someone would care to read it for me, or at a coffee house somewhere- I hope the intonation, general characteristic semblance and pentameter are faithfully similar to her meaning.

The poem is a beautiful reminder that we are never alone in our desire to improve both our station, and that of our fellow man- at best, through living example, or teaching if you hold the skills and can create the time. Not only that we are all the same in the regard mentioned here, but also in our common base level primal needs, we are all the same, and in our base biological functions too, but so many people become * lost * in details and these simple ** uniting ** truths and others become lost in the day to day melangée of our capitalist “think this way don't do that this way and don't do that at all or else!” society du jour ( /də ˈZHo͝or ). ... on this great and glorious clod of top-soil and fishes and swimmy, shiny things.

Trust me, it's not supposed to be like that, and cannot last forever. I don't know when, how or why, it will change, because they do a pretty darn good job of stealing earths native reality condensate and fracturing its orbital valences, and re-programming the earth in conjunction with what they do parallel with the condensate. I uh, remember, this is science fiction right? ;–) I'm doing research. Ah. It's all out in the open, if you have eyes to see it, and if you do- you will already know there's no fence but the holographic agglomerated versions (of which the condensate, of which recursively) appears to be reality, yet there is no “soul” in the patterning, as it is borne of the realm of psychic density probability, and an incomplete signature , it needs people to live it and experience it, for it to have the internal fire of the heart, and the emotions and the rest of the human vehicle, to animate it and render it into something you can touch and remember later, and have as an experience.

Human beings are biological electrical quantum reality generating machines. Salt is a partial reduced condensate, from the blow back cycle with the ocean and the moon.

It re-polarizes the atmosphere, the motion of the ocean. You can take my basic explanation of all this at face value, or you can drive yourself mad looking it up, but you're not going to find it in this languaging, or in this much simplicity. The plasma condensate is captured in fracking operations pure and clean, and then fractured apart, collected, and turned into the reality generating super condensate, and the electricity generated from the separation process goes into the general metered electrical grid. Why do you suppose solar panels collect power? They react with the elements in the panels, which hold heat. Which, is very very primitive, but that aside for survival you'd be better constructing a solar parabolic cooking device than a grid of solar panels and battery banks.

As usual, we are going to cover a seemingly disparate and random assortment of ground, in partial completion, but all details and woven topics are actually relevant, even if not apparent – as I generally don't have time to explain everything- especially at once- especially since I promised not to, but especially because it would not be appropriate anyhow- the story has to be told the same way they run the plan – iteratively, because if I tell too much of the story I see, it could change something- somewhere- butterfly effect stuff. This is not to say I see myself as some sort of demi god or magician- NO. What I mean is every action taken everywhere has an effect, somewhere. Large or small, it has a tangible impact on * something . *

Moving on and now probably not tracking in any linear order, but your subconscious knows what to do with all this, even if your rational mind does not. Keep reading, or take a break and subscribe by email at the very bottom, or RSS in your browser address bar, or hit Control Key + D to bookmark this site, and hit “Okay” on the pop-up.


I've taken about 300 or so very complicated things and reduced it to a paragraph. okay exaggerating, but – if you were to count probabilistic operators, its well over 300 zillion combinations of things, given these operating rules and parameters the earth runs by natively, physics chemistry etc, -

But not science- Good science can be ** flipping fantastically useful and benefit one man woman or an entire globe. ** But most lab science is a shallow narrow sighted profit driven mega-lo-manicial messed up thing,

Which is utilizing as its primary weapon besides lots and lots of exposure, everywhere- and the recommendation of your professional if you are a “go to the doctor” type person (good luck with that), its a slippery slope of handing over your vital control of your life and vitality to UN-seen, UN-known, and UN-characterized forces- no thank you.

But if it works for you, I'm happy for you. :)

But this kind of science, it is I feel a bastardized example of a uni-polar style of thinking, and we are improperly told it's the only way to arrive at a repeatable conclusion.

But, the fundus of the matter is it is a systematic design for examining one different thing, against one thing with known behavior, and to examine the influence or confluence in or of affect on a particular set of pre-constructed variables in respect to bio-mimicry, the generation of a signaling pre-cursor or marker, or other types of situations- but the LOGIC is an incomplete picture.

For example, in regard to physics and the plasma cycle and the regeneration aspect of it (at night), -

When waves cap at shore and out in the open sea, they release tons of free UN-bonded ions- negative ions. LOTS of them.

This is part of the plasma cycle, that creates things on earth like gravity and live with the sun but gravity is a secondary consequence of a rotating electromagnetic field enclosed in an invisible shield floating in space with other giant electro-magnets (planets), and given that by virtue of them being magnets we can assume they are in a fixed position, but to be characteristically myself,

I want to point out we absolutely cannot assume that, but we have certainly been shown it, and for all intents and purposes, Galileo was correct, but it was not his discovery to make. It was known to every human on this planet before him, or well at least a while before his time every human- it had to be- it's built into all the ancient stone monuments, mathematics rendering a 360 degrees of arc seconds circle... In ancient stone-works.. pyramids at Giza, Stone-hege, in Mexico and other various locations -

But get this.. by the construction of the parameters of the monuments themselves and their sizes together in ratio – they make things like 5 stacked concentric circles representing in ratio 1 pi, 2 pi, 3 pi, 4pim and 5pi, all stacked onto each-other.

Crazy stuff like that. and it goes on forever. the monuments are also self referencing in their construction relationships, and their grid latitude and longitudes on modern maps. The ancients were stupid. Yeah fucking right..

But so the plasma meets with the radiation of the sun, to effuse it into the air, and then it becomes aether, and it has potential, that we can use, however most of that is gone- to only all but the very skilled masters, or those in serious study-

Unless an instructive miracle happens, the level of focus and mastery of the physics and mental realms and such – its a lot harder to do than it was before this system went online in the 1950s. Well, version one.

We are * well * ahead of that now.

But, like all crazy things, nothing can last forever, especially if it's not being created in accordance with the laws of reality and the local universe. I have no idea when it will end, but it's not right now. Unless you're a terrible person, if you are trying, and genuinely can say that – I'm sure you'll be fine.

You cannot in good faith take mine or anyone's word for it, but – statistically fear is a fleeting biochemical reaction caused by seeing something familiar and not fun, or it's a stuck thought from a really traumatic experience.

Either way, given the right nurture and attention it all goes away, just, like the people propping up this global theater, but with the earths resources, and not even putting their own souls into it, and doing a proper shake of the constructionist revisionist earth global history thingy they're running.

Then at least, it would be less black magic, and a lot more accountability, but I digress to that point and cease ~

I've got other stuff to do.

Oh, but one more thing -

The ancient Greek philosophers are probably very very busy around Halloween, or other portal/gateway type holidays with peculiar planetary alignments making more opportunistic aliments affording interesting “uh” * opportunities, *

  • because there are a lot of really rich and powerful (in a black magic (actually not all-mighty, and not powerful at all, (you ascribe your power TO it, by writing your name on the contract to work for the bills themselves, these dollars..

But he is only or she only powerful – in an inverse mathematical sense, and a public influence sense anyhow as well,) but because of their deeds and character? I'll humorously project that they get haunted every chance the ancient philosophers and greats get.

Of course, for humors sake alone, such ridiculous anthropomorphism of the previously alive and great may to the correct reader also bring a chuckle in signatory of the general acumen and tilt of the thing here, -

but hey I'm outta here.

— a happy spirit

this is an interesting read:

Totally incomplete of course but this is at least interesting. while nothing is perfect wikipedia is pretty incredible.


Let's pair it with this, which we will break down a few quotes from later on in a different stream of consciousness and exploration together -

link to a cool set of buddhist quotes

— a happy spirit

You know you've mastered in some sense, a component of non-attachment when you've done something similar to the following. I have got several hard-disks, and am downloading things perhaps a month ago. I repeatedly let the disk hit “0 bytes” , and would shuffle things around or delete as needed during the process, assuming if it doesn't crash it is OK.. LOL -

and then a day or so later notice your entire Documents folder is actually gone, although what you were downloading survived, Haha – the stuff I was grabbing indeed was downloaded to ram, and then into the documents folder, and then over-writing the Documents in there.. and making them disappear. and all that stuff.

But.. you don't for any intent or purpose, actually care, and so none of your Documents are there, except the downloaded stuff, and you just.... – look around the file system for several minutes, find nothing, shrug and go back to work.

** That ** is an example of non-attachment in real-time action.

** Also, don't worry – professional files are backed up using a different process/workflow. **

— a happy spirit

Hi, and a Quick Note – This will be connected to HappySpirit.net shortly. Thanks. :–)

1st post !

if you're interested after poking around here, what else i'm up to? i'm trying to do a lot, but we need to all do it together- and not in a drink the kool aid way, it is an intelligent multi decade initiative spanning input from thousands of people, and here's a great place to start: that project is called the-realized-network.earth, and you can find more about it for now more so than, but also some at the .earth page above , and eventually know that is the main page over the next 50 or so years to watch out for the progress of.... https://link-link-link-link.link is the blog directory, I would vastly prefer it if you looked at this first, if you're still interested in hearing anything further from my creative cog-wheels dancing about in the digital sky. :–)


a happy spirit

— a happy spirit

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