I may have mis-Understood Graham Hancocks Process, and some notes on materia ..

I need breakfast this is almost finished. (there are a few paragraphs missing) in the middle.

The most excellent book referenced is “Fingerprints of the Gods,” by Graham Hancock. The first time I read it in about a day, and may have been cross eyed for the following week. But in speaking to a mysterious globally omni-quasi-temporarily present and then mysteriously vanished, culture- that appears to have left things everywhere, (to be very general)– but I wonder this instead-

Is he saying really that perhaps:

There is a group not named or generally known, which has installed all that we see infrastructure wise or what have you through space time, but the stuff that makes up our universe, or maybe just solar system? Dunno- you see this goes all over the place, and that to me personally is fine, you maybe not so much? maybe so.. Maybe so. :)

But all of this world and the and associated construction- in space time, that perhaps the they who did these things were not flowing robed tall mysteriously appearing and disappearing robed dudes with white hair teaching culture and logic and how to grow crops, husband animals and so on- but there is more going on here.

I think perhaps what Graham is saying but cannot say directly is similar to this: Perhaps the robed folks are are actually representational avatars for the folks that installed everything everywhere and thats why certain cultures are not allowed to depict God, because that would be god, or God, or so forth, respectfully and with respect.

and, well- it seems the construction is everywhere: . phew but yeah, that's my wonderment, in short-form.

Exhibit A:

> Latin to English English to Latin aether, aetheris #1 noun declension: undeclined Definitions: ether heaven, sky sky (as a god) space surrounding a deity upper air Age: In use throughout the ages/unknown Area: All or none Geography: All or none Frequency: Frequent, top 2000+ words Source: “Oxford Latin Dictionary”, 1982 (OLD)

Because the word is oft an “invisible” weapon more than unifying tool. – If every human realized the power behind the last sentence, and the implications- we would not be living in the world we are living in right now.

There is a definitive echelon to how strong an idea is, by virtue of its construction.

Most people cannot construct a proper argument, much less sort molecular hygiene with their will and product or mode of life, but the best stuff is done exactly with these and other things taken into intentional consideration while creating them.

By deliberately unifying chemistry, physics, geometry, alchemy, and other things- materials science, accurate measurement and best practices with tools machines and so forth – we end up with a very happy object in space time. Well, kind of- but that's another story too.

But as you know, you cannot fit an oil filter from one car into another, and much the same way- if you're designing something it has to fit the function you intend, because on earth- materials have certain qualities and simply will not do certain things, I've never had a breakfast of gaseous eggs and toast, much the same way cars don't levitate. :-p

All of these things though, contributes with the other elements such as materials science, and thus chemistry- to the over all complexity of a design -

because these functional operators must exist for the design to be intentionally permanent – put permanent in quotes and strike into place “more functionally faithful”. I think we have a word for this, “reliable,” no? ;-P

But, a system that follows this kind of aforementioned, typifies the difference between something you will use for years and enjoy- or not even notice it works so well, or it will be a thorn to remove carefully, slowly- etc.

The good systems are unified systems, and they operate in accordance with natural laws of planet earth, that don't care what color or gender you are, or if you have a mask on your face.

That is to say it's a unified system, and operates in accordance with natural law.

Technically though this is incorrect, all aspects of a thing have their own power and quality or qualia about them, and unique characteristics that may be manipulated in the design ~

Whence forth in a new direction either a new feature is formed, a radical departure created, or a wholly new thing drops in- like the story we are told about the microwave, the candy bar and Raytheon employee. . Okay.

But, The character of a thing – what makes up what it is, or how it is, or “how it be,” depending on where you live, I suppose-

The thing shows up in the world radically differently, and the results are noticed by us. We would all do better to stick to more foundational principles instead of getting lost in detail. Why are you even doing a thing? Do you know? Start there.

Hey show up in the world, what it does, how it drives, etc- extrapolate quite a bit on that one in all axial directions to vaguely gauge the realm of possibility we are yet aware of here.

Do this. Imagine a nuclear core of glowing energy, and then have it explode happily out into a void of black space, shooting light and gas and pins and thunderbolts of plasma everywhere. A star is born. We then all got grumpy, then settled earth (it seems, eventually.)

To shorten quite a long story I cannot accurately claim to tell and also expect to take myself seriously.

I think that about sums up the big bang, and well if that's what happened, and the rest grew like bacteria inside a mason jar you forgot outside,

I don't know what else to tell you either it kind of just is the only thing we got, so we go with it and explore.

The truth is as you know- nebulous, but we're all here, and it's all more or less fully inter-woven – if you can see it.

All of it, or perceptually to you, all of it . . . and therein is the mystery- we will never understand the difference between you and me, but we can delude ourselves with words, and belief systems, into thinking we can understand each other. But-

At the same time, we are indeed with similarity, humans, and with plants and animals with DMT molecule similarity among all living things on planet earth, among other things, so the story gets a bit hairy, and complicated, -

but it's beautiful- and worth reading- and well, truly a “shoebox with everything and nothing in it at once” and with no beginning and end, no definite shape to any form of a thing before it is borne or moulded and so on – So just take that to the intellectual bank when mad at your calendar, and go free yourself and do something else-

and that's at least one small thing about reality I find weird. but also indescribably beautiful, what I've been forever altered in perception and life trajectory by having seen anyway of it.

Diverging in a slow parallel arc...

It is not action alone that makes a thing happen, or “intention and meditation and action” or any simple manner of popular trope, however it is simply the correct application of things like geometry, thought and visualization, speech hygiene, electromagnetic , et hoc genus omne, materials selection, etc)

all of it matters. “matters” is drawn to by the above geometry etc thingies- and is drawn to become matter- drawn into form by the magic wand! they're your hands dude.

Then down the line we add more action, and applied iteration, and can then add electricity (fracked off-sputter of reality condensate- that's another story best not understood just yet- collectively the world isn't ready for it),

You give 3d animus constructs without proper full animus, ... life. (Or if you did it right, – Then a really cool neat thing is borne of aether and the various forces that mold and meld and create and and and and , or and and or blah blah ha ha! – ... , or so on.

However- this is not to be overly declarative, the synthetic electronic universe we have created through networked and distributed computing is really quite alive. You cannot pretend it's not and pretend you're sane at the same time.

Anyway, the thing that is missing from most things is a true unification of a harmony in their assembly...

Here's a great example when you do a thing but you know the thing was not finished as well as you could do it- but you said “eh!” and went off.. ? Knowing it would silently fail and you'd just clean it later? We have all tried that once.

That is how most things are made. They don't last because they are actually technically, – incomplete.

Make sure above all else, you are happy and not harming anything in the process (people too). Make and Create, a beautiful day for yourself.

— a happy spirit