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- The creation myth in ancient Egypt formed the nucleus of the ontology of ancient civilizations. Myths talk about facts, that is, about eternal cosmic events that occurred in the divine / sacred realm, that divine world is the true / absolute world, and some events that occur in the world of time and space have a metaphysical significance, and in order to understand the symbols of the ancient Egyptian civilization, we must adopt a method.

Thinking in the mind of the ancient Egyptian, which is closer to the spirit of nature, so that ideas flow flexibly within each other in a relationship of containment instead of each of them standing alone in the face of other ideas.

The first recorded evidence of the creation story, in which Atum plays the role of the Creator God, was found in the body of the pyramids. In one of the texts there was a text explaining that relationship, where the text says: “Greetings to you, Atum ...

Greetings to you, my news, you who came into existence.

By yourself, you who created yourself ...

You rose in the form of a high hill ... You came into existence and your name was my khubraa. “

[^]Me: who was khubraa ?

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