A few small possibly big things ~

A great many of you are suffering from a degree of this- we all do ~ it’s a consequence of a modern mechanized westernized “fast-world.”

It happened to me too and I have been undoing it over a decade.

This post is about human nature, not you or anyone specifically, evidently as this is my blog and not a comment on a social network or a private dialogue.

We have a a society become too engrossed or mesmerized in our own logic and intellect.. what is happening inside your mind.. these facts and such clog your ability to routinely relate to other aspects of your emotional intelligence.

Anyway.. the intellect is a slave to the identity.. move on that later and hope those emotions in large part may guide the direction of your life.

Beingness and Presence

/ or Presence is Immutable, you cannot lose it- it is always with you, waiting for you to stop tuning into your mental chatter, and simply be there to start noticing it. Here.

This will be good for you if there’s an openness to understand perhaps an aspect or two of the true nature of the self – in regards to how very very very difficult it is to live in the year 2021 as an emotionally healthy and wholly functional person.

If this doesn’t apply to you don’t personalize it of course and smile and carry on.

With love,


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